Self-Defense and Concealed Carry Supplies

Professional police products, self-defense products and personal protection products no longer have to cost a FORTUNE! And you no longer have to settle for inferior Police Duty Gear and Body Armor. We can SAVE you MONEY on all your police supplies!

In the rather difficult environment that surrounds law enforcement today, and the crime-ridden society, in which some ordinary citizens are forced to live, having the very best quality police products, and self-defense products, becomes not only desirable but absolutely mandatory at times. We carry a complete line of police products, duty gear and law enforcement supplies.

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Choose from our complete lines of point blank body armor, night vision equipment, and tactical gear. We also carry all your personal protection and self defense products, including a complete line of surveillance systems and hidden cameras. From a simple key chain full of pepper spray, to the same night vision goggles worn by our troops we’ve got you covered!

Your very life, and the lives of your partner or family may very well depend upon your use of the finest professional police products, police duty gear, and police equipment

See our Complete Line of Duty Gear

You honestly don’t know when or where an attack on your person or your family will occur, or what the dire outcome might very well be. Professional police products, and personal self-defense products, can mitigate the damages should an attack occur, and leave you walking away from the scene of a possible tragedy unscathed!


Professional police products and police supplies, includes everything from body armor to pepper spray. Every law enforcement professional needs these police supplies and duty gear products, as does every individual now!

It’s a scary world out there now with regard to security and safety!

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Statistics show that crime is rising dramatically, with law enforcement personnel over worked, the average citizen faces even greater challenges to there personal safety and security each day!

Point Blank Authorized Dealer, We Stock Military & Tactical Body Armor

Security and safety can’t be taken lightly now. Whether it’s tactical gear, police products, body armor, night vision equipment or surveillance equipment you desire to feel safe and secure, Security and Safety Supply, can furnish them. We have the finest police supply products, even those “sometimes hard to find items”.

We carry police department supplies, body armor, duty gear, surveillance equipment, night vision equipment, tactical gear, or just a stun gun and some pepper spray. You’ll find them all here within the pages of Why live in fear of crime and its outcomes? Take charge and protect yourself thoroughly with the police supply products, police duty gear and security products found at Security and Safety Supply!

Law enforcement officers need the edge of top Quality Duty Gear more then ever!

Each day in the life of any law enforcement officer is filled with personal threats, as well as stressful situations!

When on “duty” as a law enforcement officer, your Security and safety is always uppermost in your mind. Don’t take chances with inferior, costly police products that may actually cost much more than the money you spent on them: YOUR LIFE! Let us put you in more point blank body armor for less.

At Security and Safety Supply, you’ll find a very comprehensive line of quality police supply products and duty gear. Your life, above all else is what is the most important factor in the performance of your duties. And the professional police products, duty gear and police supplies that Security and Safety Supply furnish, will help to keep you safe. We do our best to provide you with only high quality, brand name duty gear and self defense products, at the right price!

Ordinary citizens can no longer walk the streets in absolute security and safety!

Just watch the news at night, or read any of the reports on crime and see the absolutely astonishing increase in crime and criminal acts. And you’ll know you need professional police products and self defense products!

Even ordinary citizens need to take measures now to ensure personal safety, by the use of professional police supply products, police equipment such as pepper sprays and stun guns, and other personal protection products.

Don’t forget the importance of surveillance equipment, and night vision equipment either. Wouldn’t you like to know, as a private citizen, if the “nanny” or babysitter is actually behaving, and taking good care of the children? Or what’s happening around your house after night fall.

Unless you take the action you need by purchasing the best professional police supply products available today, you are risking more than you even realize!

Stop worrying about security and safety and start living!

There is no substitute for the quality professional police supply products, available at Security and Safety Supply. We carry only high quality police products, at cost affect rates for you and your department.

The quality of police products and police supplies at Security and Safety Supply, is only of the highest quality. Our top quality lines of police products, police supplies and self defense products are also very affordable.

Purchase now and rest assured, the safety and security of your home, loved ones, and your professional security is covered. Depend on our police products and police supplies.  We support Clipdraw for concealed carry safety and security. Find them on Blogger & Google.

Start now to ensure the security and safety of yourself and all those that matter to you, in both your career and your personal life! Order today!

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