3 OWI Facts and Secrets Wisconsin Police Doesn’t Want You to Know

Dealing with an OWI charge is not easy. You are probably feeling scared because getting convicted means that every aspect of your life may be affected in a negative way. You may lose your job, suffer significant financial losses due to hefty fines, get a higher automobile insurance rate, lose your driving license and so on. However, being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs doesn’t mean you will necessarily be convicted, even if the law enforcement has evidence of your guilt. If you have been arrested for OWI, don’t wait and start fighting your case immediately. Start by hiring a quality OWI attorney who can evaluate your case and build your defense and read this article to find some secrets that could help you fight your charge easier.

Refusing a Blood or Breath Test Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

Many people think if they refuse to take blood or a breath test, that automatically means they are admitting guilt. A police officer can presume there is a presence of a prohibited substance in your system and he can only ask you to take the test. However, he can’t force you to take the test. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested for OWI.

Some people heard that if you refuse to take the test, you will automatically lose your driving license for a full year. If you refuse to take a breath or blood test and send a letter with a filing fee to the Department of Driver Services within the next ten days of your arrest, they will schedule a driver’s license hearing with your arresting officer. Only after this hearing passes, your license may be suspended for refusing to take a state administered test. However, if you have a qualified Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer by your side, you don’t have to worry about losing your license. Your attorney can often negotiate the suspension and reach a settlement that will suit both sides.

You Can Beat Breath and Blood Test Results

If you already took the blood or breath test, that doesn’t mean they have irrefutable proof for your conviction. Your lawyer can carefully examine the case and evaluate the validity and strength of the evidence. He can examine if was there enough evidence to arrest you in the first place. For example, an attorney can question whether or not the stop was legal. If the stop wasn’t legal, the evidence could be disproved, and your case dismissed. If the police didn’t read your rights correctly, or if your lawyer proves that the breath test and blood testing equipment was not functioning properly, your case can also be dismissed.

Field Sobriety Tests Are Not Reliable As You Think

There are three commonly used field sobriety tests – eye jerking, the nine step test, and the 30 seconds one leg stand. The tests should supposedly reveal certain clues about someone’s BAC level, but that doesn’t mean the person is impaired. Due to this fact, the police officer often needs to testify on the witness stand. Many factors can interfere with the results of these tests, and your lawyer will determine whether or not they are valid for the case. To find out more about OWI facts that could help you build a stronger defense, please click here.

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