Safely File a Natural Disaster Insurance Claim

Property owners, especially if they live in areas prone to natural disasters, often insure their property against and losses and damages caused by those disasters. If your property has been damaged by the recent hurricane Irma, before filing a natural disaster claim, first make sure your insurance policy covers risks of property damage due to natural disasters. Although it may seem logical to you that you are covered in such situations, some insurance policies exclude these risks. Hurricane Irma Relief can provide you some emergency supplies such as food, water, and medicine, but unfortunately, they will not be able to help you fully recover and rebuild.

So, if your property has been damaged by a natural disaster such as hurricane Irma, it is crucial to check your insurance policy, and if you have natural disaster insurance, you should call your insurance agent to report the damage and file a claim. Since insurance policies may be rather difficult to be understood by a layman, it is best to hire an experienced insurance attorney to assist you. It is best to hire a lawyer in advance because he can examine your particular situation and predict what may happen during the processing of your claim.

Properly Fight Insurance Company Tactics

As you probably know, insurance companies will always try to save the money when paying claims. Therefore, they will do everything they can to create a reason to pay you less than you deserve. If you are having a dispute with your insurance company about the value of your claim, it is crucial to hire a lawyer to ensure the company doesn’t turn the situation in their favor. If you have multiple insurance policies, your insurance provider will try to make you pay the deductible on each of your policies. You should pay only for one deductible if there was only one disaster. However, if you suffered damage both from two separate storms, you will have to file two claims and pay for two deductibles. In any other case, it is unlawful to apply multiple deductibles for one natural disaster.

Insurance companies will use different tactics to save their money. They may even try to intimidate you by making you think they will cancel your policy if you make a claim. In order to prevent these inconveniences and unnecessary stress, you should always have an insurance attorney at your side. Your attorney exactly knows what damages are covered by natural disaster insurance and what aren’t. Since your lawyer will be present, the insurance company won’t be able to use any tricks or tactics to avoid paying you.

Damages typically covered by natural disaster insurance include reimbursement for carpeting, asbestos, mold, painting, loss of power, repair of walls and insulation, and even some additional living expenses such as hotel charges or rent for a temporary home. As you can see, filing an insurance claim on your own is not easy; therefore it is best to consult with a local insurance attorney before you make a move.

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