How Digital Marketing Is Changing

Digital marketing is changing with the passage of time and it has brought a significant change in consumer behavior. With the changing needs and demands of customers digital marketing is also changing to cope with their needs.

John Watton is talking about impact of digital marketing on careers in this post:

How Digital Marketing changes careers – 11 experts share their experiences

December 10, 2013

Picture the scene. It’s 2000 and I’m in a worldwide sales kickoff in Burlingame, California. We’re in the swagger of the dotcom boom, and I’m working for a company that’s riding that wave. On revenues of $100m we are “valued” with a market cap of over $40bn. And let’s just say the founders have a spring in their step. One of them is pacing up and down the aisle in a conference room of 200 or so sales/marketing folk laying out his vision for the future. Hyperbole and “moon shot” thinking is heavy in the air and dramatically (I’m sure for effect) he has a walking stick, which adds a “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Opening Scene” edge to the meet.

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Digital marketing has changed and brought significant development in the industry as everything is just a single touch away from buying clothes and ordering food to booking airline tickets accordingly.

Role of digital marketing in today’s business environment can hardly be denied for representing a service or a brand in a successful way to the consumers. The online marketing services including the SEO that focuses on the optimization of a products brand to rank at the top in other search engines like Google, Bing and many others.

Robert Allen from is talking about Digital Marketing change in 2016 in this post:

How will Digital Marketing change in 2016?

By Robert Allen

Keep on top of all the big changes in digital this year

Digital moves fast. What was best practice five years ago is often pretty out-dated now. Five years ago Instagram had just been founded and you probably had never heard of it. That’s why it’s important to keep up to date with all the latest changes in the industry; otherwise you will get left behind. To help here, all Smart Insights members can access our ‘What’s Hot in Digital Marketing’ feature updated each month in our members area.

The best way to stay ahead is to know what the big trends are and predict the way the market is going and then plan accordingly. Although it is impossible to predict the future 100%, it is possible to extrapolate the direction of travel by analysing current trends.

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The changes in digital marketing have worked well for the companies trying to become successful in this era for attaining customer’s loyalty. Digital media marketing is changing as the needs of the customers and the technological advancements are emerging constantly. SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques because it focuses on targeting consumers social lives.

Sue Jenks has uploaded this video about change in digital marketing:

Paid per click, Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads, PPC audits are fully used for attracting new customers continuously. The changes in digital marketing have worked well for the companies as well as customers in developing effective interactions and communication.

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